Харьков. Золотые страницы


A wide range of publications and souvenir products related to the city of Kharkiv and Kharkiv region are brought out and sold under this trade mark.

About us

Brand «All about Kharkiv» is a selection of books and souvenirs of Kharkov and region. Under the «All about Kharkiv» was released a number of presentation publications Photo Album «that Znayoma neznayoma Harkіvschina» (unique photographs devoted to the little-known and significant places of our region) Album «Kharkiv» (illustrated with original works of leading photographic artists of the city), as well as Guide: «Kharkiv», «Kharkiv. Four amazing route», Kharkiv. A short guide and «Kharkov: Guide»(in English), with which you can take a fascinating journey through the first capital city to see the sights, monuments, history, nature, located in the city and Kharkov region.

These publications, as well as books of various publishers and Kharkov region, can be purchased at the company booth «All about Kharkiv», and through the site: www.vseprokharkov.com.ua. In addition to print media is a wide range of merchandise with the views of Kharkov.

Kiosk «All About Kharkiv» is on the street. University, the angle of descent of the Cathedral (near the Fire of Eternal Glory, metro Sovetskaya). Open daily from 9.00 to 18.00.


There are being published under the «All About Kharkiv» trade mark in Russian, Ukrainian and English:

  • illustrated albums;
  • guide books;
  • history editions;
  • postcards sets.

The printed products are sold at trading networks and at www.vseprokharkov.com.ua

Our products:

  • trading networks
  • Internet shops
  • EXPO-companies

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