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The full-cycle Printing Establishment is capable to cope with the tasks involving any degree of polygraphic complexity. High-quality printed matter at reasonable prices within the shortest possible time.

About us

Typography «Golden pages» - a full-printing with its own advanced equipment and highly skilled staff. We produce printed products of any complexity. Product quality control is performed at each production stage.

We provide the following printing services:

  • production of high-quality printed materials:
    • calendars,
    • catalogs,
    • magazines,
    • booklets,
    • brochures,
    • leaflets,
    • folder,
    • notebooks,
    • card,
    • books,
    • posters,
    • boxes,
    • diaries,
    • gift Bags,
    • presentation publications and much more;
  • postprinting:
    • lamination,
    • spot and overall UV varnishing,
    • переплет до формата А3,
    • cover up to A3,
    • coiling spring,
    • production of bindings of any coating materials,
    • stamping foil,
    • relief stamping,
    • blind embossing,
    • cutting up to A2 format,
    • perforations,
    • fold etc.

Effective cooperation of our publishers and printers allows us to provide a high level almost any printing services.

In a single production chain built publishing, design department, the center of pre-press preparation and printing. This saves time and reduces the cost of orders.

  • sheet offset color and black-and-white printing
  • post-printing processing
  • printed matter delivery
  • publishing houses
  • periodicals’ editorial boards
  • advertising agencies
  • Single production chain "publishing house - pre-press - printing" can significantly reduce the delivery time and reduce the cost of the order.
  • Multi-level quality control system.
  • Convenient location in the heart of the enterprise.

28 Marshala Bazhanova street
Kharkiv, Ukraine 61002
Tel./fax +38 (057) 700-92-22
E-mail: 7009222@mail.ru