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The Internet-Marketing Department provides services related to the comprehensive development and promotion of Internet-resources, as well as to the on-line advertizing.

About us

The key to success is a comprehensive approach to Internet marketing.

Specialists of "Golden Pages" provide the following services:

Development of the site

We make every effort to make the site was functional and user-friendly, that is, to create a qualitative usability. Custom design, designed in the style of a corporate customer, is also one of the priorities for our development department sites. Finally, interesting content - unique advertising texts, which describe all the services provided by your company.

Website promotion

Before starting work on the SEO-promotion, we are engaged in internal and external optimization: building the right page structure, internal perelinkovka, creating 100% unique content, etc. The ultimate goal of SEO-optimization is getting your website in the top 10, 5, 3 search engines Yandex, Google.com.ua or Google.com.

Contextual advertising in Google.com.ua

To implement an effective campaign on contextual advertising we do such work: the creation of creative and interesting ads, identify the target audience, region, time display. In the course of the campaign in Adwords are subject to change, since we obtained daily analyze statistics on the success of the campaign.


The campaign of the service we provide the following services: creation and management of groups in social media, advertising in social networks, blogs and forums. SMM promotes a positive image of a company or brand, and is an important tool to communicate with potential customers.

  • Sites development and launching
  • Individual design development
  • Quality usability implementation
  • Copyrighting
  • Search optimization
  • Context advertizing
  • SMM
  • Site web-analysis

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Kharkiv, Ukraine 61002
Tel./fax +38 (057) 701-0-701 (multichannel).
E-mail: support@goldenpages.ua